As you have probably heard, two weeks ago a bunch of KDE contributors gathered in Berlin to attend to a sprint to move forward on current KDE community Goals.

I attended the sprint and it was a pleasure to get together with fellow KDE contributors, and discuss our experiences, our plans and aspirations.

Goal Work

My main objective for this Goal was to get automated GUI testing merged for Dolphin. This is important as it paves the way to better testing, accessibility improvements and power-usage measurement, making progress towards the three Goals at once.

I wanted to get this done, since last akademy, and I gave it a try but it wasn't fruitful then. This time with Harald around, selenium webdriver at spi author, I would get a chance to poke him to overcome my difficulties.

And indeed Harald was very helpful. It took me a while to setup properly my local testing environment. But then I could update the existing MR by Marco and iron it up slightly to get it merged.

Another objective I had coming to Berlin, was improving KIO-'s CI-testing situation. Currently a bunch of tests are failing and we don't require tests to pass for KIO. KIO is a very important library for Dolphin, as such I spend an important part of my contributor time on improving it, so this is quite important to me. I sent a fix for a test but CI can't really run this kind of test. Those test the launch of programs using systemd, except our tests run inside containers which limits what tests can do at runtime. We did a little progress, and I learned what needs to be done to fix this case. We need some work on our dev-ops side of things for those ones. A bunch other tests still need fixing.


And I got busy doing Dolphin reviews. A particular one of interests for developpers will be that there will be a git clone dialog in dolphin-plugins. Nikolai Krasheninnikov, the feature contributor, and myself are still improving it to be both nice and very practical.

There is another feature I have been reviewing, but it is too early to speak about publicly.

I also for the first time tried out neochat and I was pleased.