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Fil des billets

jeudi 10 octobre 2019

Wayland goal - Call for Action

KDE community has elected to finalize the transition to Wayland and embrace the future of desktop.

This entails making Plasma running smoothly under Wayland, but also making sure KDE Apps can run without bugs and missing features. It also means that we want to help the wider Wayland community to fill missing features and fix bugs.

I call App users and developers to try out their favorite app in Wayland and report the issue that may arise. and add wayland as keyword to the bug to keep track on those bugs.

And you don't need a wayland session to test an app, you can do it in wayland within a X session !

kwin_wayland # start an embed kwind_wayland

# In another terminal

gwenview --platform wayland # starts gwenview in the wayland session

Gwenview in Wayland in a X session

We have a page listing how to fix a few pitfalls that applications may have in Wayland.

You can also test Plasma Wayland session of course and report the same way issues that may arise.

You can reach us at #kde-devel or #plasma in or freenode.

More information on the Wayland Goal page

samedi 5 octobre 2019

Recently Used ioslave

With D7446 landing, the new ioslave recentlyused:/ ioslave will become user visible with KDE Frameworks 5.63. This differential revision adds two entries "Recent Files" and "Recent Locations" to the place panel (in dolphin and open/save dialogs)

Recent screenshot

It leverages the ioslave recentlyused:/ introduced in D22144, allowing to access KActivity data. KActivity is the service that provides "recent" elements to kickoff menu and is activity aware as the name suggests.

So now "Recent Files", "Recent Locations" in the places panel share the same underlining data with kickoff.

But recentlyused:/ can be used to create your virtual folders for recent files or folders. For instance

  • recentlyused:/files?type=video/*,audio/*

To filter recently accessed video and audio files.

  • recentlyused:/files?path=/home/meven/kde/src/*&type=text/plain

To filter recently accessed text files in any subdirectory of /home/meven/kde/src/

  • recentlyused:/locations?path=/home/meven/kde/src/*

To filter recently accessed folders in any subdirectory of /home/meven/kde/src/

You can read the documentation for more details.

When working on this new feature, It was a great time to improve KActivity. So I allowed KActivity to ingest data from gtk applications in differential D23112.

I want to thank Ivan Lukić for building KActivity service and library and reviewing most of this work. And I want to thank all the other reviewers involved.

vendredi 26 juillet 2019

KDE First Contributions and first sprint

I have been a KDE User for more than 10 years. I really love KDE community, Plasma and its apps. I have been reading eagerly Nate Graham's blog He gave me the inspiration to start contributing.

It has been a opportunity to learn some C++, Qt and some Qml.

So far I am very happy to have contributed a few features and bug fixes :

And a few less noticeable as well.

And I have quite a lot more in the back of my head. I am close to completing adding click-to-play to video and audio previews in dolphin information panel.

Usablity & Productivity Sprint in Valencia

I participated last month to the Usablity & Productivity Sprint in Valencia. I have been very happy to meet some great KDE community members from three continents and 9 countries.

There I improved the kinfocenter consistency thanks to the help of Filip and Marco and added a link from the system battery plasmoid to the corresponding kinfocenter kcm. I started to work on a new recently used document ioslave that will match the same feature as in kicker/kickoff. Adding some consistency and activity awareness to dolphin and KDE Open/Save dialogs. I learned about Kwin debugging with David Edmundson. And I had great discussions with the people there.

I am going to Akademy 2019 !

And since I am a big fan of rust-lang, this will be a nice opportunity to debate on the matter and on the future of KDE.