I have been a KDE User for more than 10 years. I really love KDE community, Plasma and its apps. I have been reading eagerly Nate Graham's blog He gave me the inspiration to start contributing.

It has been a opportunity to learn some C++, Qt and some Qml.

So far I am very happy to have contributed a few features and bug fixes :

And a few less noticeable as well.

And I have quite a lot more in the back of my head. I am close to completing adding click-to-play to video and audio previews in dolphin information panel.

Usablity & Productivity Sprint in Valencia

I participated last month to the Usablity & Productivity Sprint in Valencia. I have been very happy to meet some great KDE community members from three continents and 9 countries.

There I improved the kinfocenter consistency thanks to the help of Filip and Marco and added a link from the system battery plasmoid to the corresponding kinfocenter kcm. I started to work on a new recently used document ioslave that will match the same feature as in kicker/kickoff. Adding some consistency and activity awareness to dolphin and KDE Open/Save dialogs. I learned about Kwin debugging with David Edmundson. And I had great discussions with the people there.

I am going to Akademy 2019 !

And since I am a big fan of rust-lang, this will be a nice opportunity to debate on the matter and on the future of KDE. ((https://cdn.kde.org/akademy/2019/imgoing/Akademy2019BannerDuomo-wee.png))